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    • GaryRichards
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      Can Attend HRM handle attendance devices from multiple locations where there is no static IP & so called router/modem.  The remote sites might have a PC/Laptop with USB data stick (for internet connection) which in turn connected to a Biometric attendance device.

      Also I heard about Push technology wherein some latest devices are supporting. Those devices can provide solution for the above requirements.  I appreciate your solution either through push technology or any other means


    • francis
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      Besides the push technology, we have solution for all the existing customers who already invested in biometric devices.  You will be provided with a small tool called 'Client Communicator' which allows you to update the attendance data to 'Attend HRM' Enterprise server from the remote locations. No requirement for static IP & router/modem!

      This will be useful for those customers who work at project site where they have limited internet infrastructure.  In a typical situation the project manager/supervisor can update the attendance data to centralised server through his laptop from the work site.

      Hope this helps you


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