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    • Vinod
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      I have a question about late in and early out calculation. In my company there are certain rules regarding late in and early out. An employee coming late or leaving early on three days, i.e his/her work time  less than scheduled on three days is allowed. If the employee comes late or goes out early for more than three days, half day pay is cut per late in or early out starting from fourth day.

      How can i define these rules in my payroll?

      I need some help on it.


    • natraj
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        This is possible in 'Attend HRM 2.2.1'. Attend HRM payroll is desigined in such a way that the user can define their own 'formulas/rules', when creating salary group.
        Now coming to your point, When defining salary head 'Loss of Pay' in salary group, click the formula button. A window will be opened which is called as 'Formula' window. There you will find list of 'Variables, salary heads, attendance types, leave entitlement rights, functions'. You have to look into 'Attendance Types' list. 'Late In_Days_Count, Early Out_Days_Count' will give you the number of days, the employee came 'late' or left 'early' in the current salary period. By using this you can define your formula.

      (Note: If you have the old version, pls get the latest update)
        For your reference, i'll attach a sreenshot on defining this formula.



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