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    • brijesh
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      How does attend support holidays management?

    • natraj
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      Hi Brijesh,

      Defining holiday is pretty simple in Attend HRM. Just goto 'Roster' module and select 'Holiday' icon, you will get a screen that shows a calendar.
      There you can define holiday by clicking the 'Insert' button. One of the added feature of holiday is, you can define holiday for selected employees.


    • Anonymous
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      Hi brijesh,

      As Netraj has written above that defining holiday is pretty simple in Attend, this is quite true, m posting my view in continuation of Netraj..
      There is also a feature u can create different types of holidays like New year holiday, Religious holiday etc.
      And after assigning the holiday to selected employees, it can be saved using the Attend Toolbar. Once the holiday has been saved then it will autometically appear on the Attendance screen of all the employees who are authorized to avail the holiday i.e selected employees during assigning the holiday.


    • josephine
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      Can I define different OT calculations on holidays?


    • natraj
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      Hi Josephine,

      Yes, this is quite possible in 'Attend HRM'. Just go to 'Attendance Settings' screen and you need to select the option 'if an employee works on a holiday, mark the time slot as 'Overtime on Holiday''. Thats it 'Attend HRM' will take care of marking this type of overtime as a different one than the normal one.

      After doing this, you can define the salary formula using 'Overtime on Holiday' attendance type, as per your convenience.

      I hope you got what you expected….


    • Biju
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      New feature in Attend HRM 2.3

      You can now assign holidays to a company, branch, department or employee.

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