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      Dear Biju and Team
      Though it is clear to some of our members, it is not too clear for me to set up a formula for attendance and group them to be viewed in the attendance summary. When we manually add up the total are very clear and is correct but the formulas that are set does not indicate correct values.l

      Second question:
      We run the payroll from 21st of a month to the 20th of the following month.
      We are unable to select this period for attendance viewing.

      Will you have a solution.

    • Biju
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      Dear Ajith,

      1. We will help you online with this. But, you can probably arrive at the formula using trial and error method. We will create videos with sample formulae very soon.

      2. I think the best solution would be to introduce a new button in attendance screen for you to pick salary periods. We will do this very soon.

      Biju George

Viewing 1 reply thread
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