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      Hi there,

      I have two questions:

      The first One:
      Enrolling Finger Print Attendance:

      I am using ZK Finger Print Attendance system. Currently there are registered Name, ID Number and Finger Print in the device (I do that with the official ZK Attendance software). I was very interested in attend HRM and I was planning to move to Attend HRM Can i download Employee Detail and Finger Print from device and use it in the software(Attend HRM Or do I need to enroll the employee's name and finger print again?

      The second one:
      Here is our companies policy

      Employee's Can Clock in from 6:00 AM until 00:00 (with in 18 hours) and can clock out in any time. But when they clock out they will press a key in the finger print device which change the status to clock out.

      I need only the working hour per day. I don't need late time, OT, ……… All we need is Just Mr. X has worked 10:34 Hours per day. But if an employee doesn't clock in with in the given time range ( from 6:00 AM until 00:00 (with in 18 hours)) I need to get it in the absent report. that means Employees  must check in with in 18 Hours ( from 6:00 AM until 00:00 (with in 18 hours))

      Could you please help me if its possible to configure the software like this and tell me how i can configure and get the report?

      Thank you!!!!!

    • Biju
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      Hi Habesha,

      Thank you for the detailed post.

      1. You can import the employee data from a CSV file. The 'Badge Number' in the employee data represents the employees number in the device. Once the data is in AttendHRM, you can download fingerprint data to the AttendHRM. Also, you can upload the fingerprints to another device if required. In case you need assistance in importing employees, a video is in the link below:

      2. You should create a work plan(roster) as per your requirement. And in the attendance settings uncheck late in, early out, overtime, and so on. Then the system will show the time as 'Work Time'. You will also be able to make reports on the overall duration clocked by an employee.

      In case you need help, please get in touch with our support team at


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