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      Hi guys,

      I have noticed that whenever I open AttendHRM an external application called "CSDispatcher.exe" opens up.

      Please let me know if this is a part of AttendHRM. If not I have to do some series virus control then. Although this does not pop up in the server installation the client users have its pop up every time they open AttendHRM. Since the client users are having limited rights on their PC, I have to allow "CSDispatcher.exe" to run by entering the admin credentials.

      Is there a way I can disable this application from running or allowing it without giving admin privileges to the PC users.

      Will surely appreciate a quick reply for you guys on this,

      Thanks ahead,

      Ken Adams

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      Hello Ken,

      Firstly I would like to give you some info on "CSDispatcher.exe".

      CSDispatcher is a back-end process of AttendHRM. This keeps track/log of all activities happening in AttendHRM. So if any issue or error comes up its easy for us to identify the origin of that issue from the CSDispatcher Log.

      The reason this process does not open in your server is because its already running. When a PC is restarted then AttendHRM will provoke its commencement. That is the reason the client installations view its opening.

      I would not recommend disabling CSDispatcher. But if you want to please follow the below steps:

      1) Disabling of CSDispatcher should be done separately for all installation irrespective of whether server or client.

      2) Close All Application related to AtendHRM i.e. attend.exe, attendcommunicator.exe etc

      3) Go t the Installation Folder->Bin

      4) You will find a file called CodeSite.ini

      5) Open the same in Notepad.

      6) You will notice the contents of the notepad file as follows:



      7) Replace ENABLED=1 to ENABLED=0

      8) Save the notepad

      9) There you go

      These steps listed above will cause AttendHRM to not provoke CSDispatcher from opening.

      Please do let me know if you have any queries.


      Lenvica Support

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