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    • josephine
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      I want a clarification. 

      1. The company's Roster time is 0900 hrs to 0600 hrs with 1300 hrs to 1400 hrs break.

      2. The total planning is 9 hrs with 1 hr break.

      3. The planned work hour is 8 hrs.

      4. The Attendance report shows planned work hour as 8 hrs.

      5. For the employees it shows actual work hour as 9 hrs.

      We want the break period to be calculated. Is there any settings to do that?


    • natraj
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      Hi Josephine,

      We have both reports.

      In some reports like 'Monthly Attendance, Monthly Calendar & Work Time Duration', the actual worked duration is shown(including break).

      In some other reports like 'WorkTime', the break hours will be deducted from the total worked duration, if the employee works in break hours.

      For salary calculation, break hours wont be included in the total duration.

      Meanwhile we will provide a setting, so that you can decide whether to include/exclude the break hours…..

      I hope this helps you…..


    • Biju
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      You can actually do this with a custom Attendance Type. I'll explain with an example:

      Requirement: I want to include 'Lunch Break' in my day program. If an employee works during the lunch break, it has to be considered as work. Also, if he goes out of the office, it  has to considered as break.

      Step 1: Create an attendance type called 'Lunch Break', with Category as 'Roster – Work'.
      Step 2: Create day programs with this type.

      That's all. Now, if your employee stays in the office during the 'Lunch Break', it will be calculated as work.

      Now, you probably understand, why the default attendance type 'Break' has category 'Roster – Break'.

      Hope this helps.

      Warm Regards,
      Biju George.

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