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      Hello all, I need a automation solution for using a student dormitory. It probably should be a specific solution for a dormitory. Can you customise Attend HRM for my requirement. And I wonder a technical question, I already have a industrial heat automation board and it can read data from PC and I have a ZKSoftware x638 fingerprint device I wonder that if somebody put his or her finger to the X638 sensor and if it recognized by the device, the Attend HRM software save some data to the PC at the same time? and if it save a data to the PC can it be read by another system ? My dream is integration both system and heat automation system would decide to keep warm or not to looking if somebody inside the building or not. X638 device do not have embedded web server should I buy one with embedded web server? and need a bit guidance for connection X638 to Attend HRM. Thanks.

    • Biju
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      I'm not sure if I clearly understand your requirement.

      But what I understand is:
      1. You want Attend HRM to communicate with X638 to check if anyone is inside the building.
      This is possible.

      2. Then you want Attend HRM to update this information into a file which can be read by another software(The heating system software)
      This is possible.

      You don't need a device with an embedded web server.

      Please check the link below to see how you can connect X386 with Attend HRM.

      Please give me more information on your requirement, and the heating system software, so that I can help you better.

      Best Regards,
      Biju George

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