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    • Linda
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      Is there a limit to the Salary Periods you can create in the Attend HRM Lite version? We have been working with Attend HRM Lite for a period of 3 months now and now that we wanted to start a new salary period, number 4, we got the error message that we needed to upgrade.

      In addition, I tried to temporary solve this problem by deleting the previous salary period. As a result (or at least I think it is as a result of that), the leave balance of our employees does not show up correctly on the pay slips anymore.
      If I run the entitlement report for earned leave, the balance is shown is correct, but this is not the same balance as displayed on the pay slip. Before I deleted the salary period, I did not have this issue.

      Can anybody help? Preferably ASAP as I need to run the pay slips for our employees but am stuck now.

      Thank you

    • natraj
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      Hi Linda,

      Yes, in 'Attend HRM – Lite' version, you can process salary for maximum of '3' salary periods. You need to upgrade to either 'Professional' or 'Enterprise' version for further processing.

      Also deleting the salary period, wont affect the leave balance, unless it is modified in 'Attendance'.

      Kindly verify the 'Begin Date' & 'End Date' for the newly created salary period.

      In case, if you cannot able to solve this issue, kindly inform us to help you online.

      Also attach the screenshots of both 'payslip' report and 'entitlement' report for our reference.


    • lenvica
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      Hi Linda,

      Hope you are able to solve this issue. Should you require any assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.

      Lenvica Support Team

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