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      'Attend HRM' is the only HR software which is 'Hardware Independent' as well as 'Hardware Compliment'!

      You can not only import just the Employee Number, Date and Punch Time as inputs from the existing hardware to 'Attend HRM' but also converts your existing 'Attendance Device' into a intelligent input device by offering various communication method while connecting the hardware.

      1. Direct IP connectivity
      2. Mapping Method which is unique to 'Attend HRM'
      3. Import Method

      'Attend HRM' process the attendance data based on the 'Attendance Types' created by you!

      Note the below example how custom made Attendance Types are powerful in managing Employees Payroll!

      1. Create your own Attendance Types (e.g Overtime_Hours, Late_In_Hours, Early_Out_hours)

      2. The attendance data are captured in real time and calculates the values for Attendance types as per your attendance policy settings.

      3. Assign these Attendance Types in your custom made salary heads as calculation parameters (e.g Attendance Allowance = ({Offered Pay} * 30 / 100) + (<Overtime_Hours> – 2 * (<Late In_Hours> + <Early Out_Hours>)) * ({Offered Pay} * 30 / 100)  / [Planned Work Hours] )


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