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    • Anonymous
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      Can any one plz let me know, what r the features that keeps AttendHRM above all other contemporary s/ws????

      Thanx & Regards,

    • francis
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      There are many reasons. Let me mention few (non-technical) benefits of 'Attend HRM' …….

      1. Cost effective HRM Solution.

      2. Easy upgrade from Lite (Free) version to Professional/Enterprise version.

      3. User friendly Interface.

      4. Localisation option.

      5. Choices of Database to the end user.

      6. OEM support with leading Time Attendance/Access Control manufacturers (e.g HID, Ingersoll Rand, etc)

      and more………

      Francis S Victor

    • Biju
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      Attend HRM has many unique features

      1. Planning, Attendance and Payroll are seamlessly integrated. The first month, you will have to define your attendance rules, and create your salary structures. But from the second month onwards, you can just process salary and print payslips.

      2. Almost no data entry required from the second month. The data anyway arrives through the attendance devices.

      3. Multiple Language Support(English, Arabic, Hindi, Tamil, and any unicode supported language)

      4. User friendliness. You have to see it to believe it :)

      5. Support for legacy attendance devices – Attend HRM can work with more than one type of attendance devices. So you don't have to throw away your old attendance devices.

      6. Resource Planning, Attendance with Graphical Interfaces.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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