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    • Payal Sharma
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      Hi Lenvica,

      A quick query!

      I have given an employee access to the AttendHRM via Remote connection to the PC onto which AttendHRM is Installed.

      When She open AttendHRM it is asking for admin username and password for a application CSdispatcher.exe. When I enter the Admin Credentials its opens.

      Please update me on CSDispatcher.exe. Are you familiar with this application or is it a virus or something. This concern does not arise when I login as Admin. Due to security reasons I am unable to give admin rights to the user.

      Can you please help me.


      Payal Sharma

    • Anonymous
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      Dear Mr Payal,

      Hope you are doing well.

      CSDispacther is an important application for AttendHRM as it keeps a log or record or all transactions in AttendHRM. If ever any error message comes up the the software the support team will be able to track the same and resolve it before you know it.

      Solution to your issue:

      1) Either you can give the user a super user previlege and give this user complete previleges to AttendHRM Folder.

      2) You can also stop the function CSDispather from running. Please note that this method is not receomended as our support team will not be able to provide you a quick resolution on any errors that may come up.
      a) Go to Installation Folder/Bin
      b) Open CodeSite.ini in notepad
      c) You will notice in 2 line written as "ENABLED=1".
      d) CHange the same in both places as "ENABLED=0".
      e) Save the same.
      f) Now when you open AttendHRM you will notice that CSDIspatcher function will not run.

      Hope the provided Resolution was satisfactory. Please do let me if any queries come up.

      Abhishek Nair

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