AttendHRM ‘Export’ under the ‘Time Registration’ module is to export the details of the employees along with the attendance punches of the employees. The separator in the file between the fields selected can be of user’s choice.

Bio-metric Devices

Exporting Punch Details from AttendHRM

  • Go to the ‘Export’ icon under the Time Registration module, Add(+) to configure the export required
  • Fill the fields in the screen as mentioned below:

    1. Export Name – Give name for the export process
    2. Location – Choose the location where to save the file generated
    3. File Name – Specify a name for the file
    4. Separator – Choose the separator
  • Choose the fields to be included in the file about to be generated. Fields in the software that are available to be included in the file are displayed on the left side under the ‘Available Fields’ column. The transfer of fields from Available fields to Selected fields is possible using the transfer buttons displayed between the two columns. Double angle brackets are for whole fields selection and single angle bracket buttons can be used to transfer one field selected. You can select the field by double clicking on the fields listed in the Available fields.
  • Click ‘Export’ button to generate the file according to the parameters specified. Check for the file in the location you have specified in the Export screen.
  • You can save the export conditions you used to generate the file to avoid repeating the configuration of export conditions the next time.