ESSL is a leading global developer of security and time management solutions. ESSL has a wide range of access control and time attendance devices using technologies like face recognition, fingrprint identification and proximity identification.

ESSL devices are compatible with AttendHRM – an HR Software with Time Attendance, Shift Management, Leave Management, Payroll, Canteen & Clinic Management and much more. AttendHRM is also compatible with many other manufacturers including Schlage from Ingersoll Rand, Virdi, HID and so on.

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AttendHRM can work with multiple Time Attendance or Access Control Devices even when they are at geographically distant locations. AttendHRM offers excellent features for device management including Face/Fingerprint template transfer, software backup of Face/Fingerprint templates and more.
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Communication with ESSL Devices

ESSL Device Log

AttendHRM include a background application called the ‘Connection Manager’ that communicates with ESSL devices in real-time and brings the data into AttendHRM database. The ‘Connection Manager’ creates a history of communication attempts with multiple devices as shown in the figure. The communicator history will list the times at which the device communicated with the software and the count of punches it has imported. If the software at some point failed to make a successful connection with the device, it will be specified in the list with a red bubble.

ESSL Device Details

The Connection Manager also logs the status of each ESSL device, as it tries to capture data. The information captured from the ESSL devices include the system time, capacity of storage, number of punches in storage, number of users enrolled, the time taken to communicate with the device and so on.

How to connect Devices to AttendHRM?

Connecting an ESSL device with AttendHRM is easy. All you have to do is to just pick the type of device and AttendHRM will take care of the rest. Once configured, the software will bring in the punches from the device at intervals specified by the user hence completely automating the attendance process. Here is a video on how to connect an ESSL device with AttendHRM:

A few ESSL Devices compatible with AttendHRM