The Employer Document Management System allows you to publish documents to your employees over the Employee Self Service Portal. This feature enables you to publish Employer Documents like Attendance Policy, Leave Policy and so on.

This help document describes how you can publish Employer Documents over the ESS Portal.

Now, let me publish our Leave Policy over ESS Portal for all employees to access any time.

First, let’s prepare the file to be uploaded

Employer Document - Leave Policy

Now, let’s add the Leave Policy File to Employer Documents.

Employer Documents
Add Employer Documents

The Title and Description provided here will be visible to employees over the ESS Portal.

Employer Documents

The HR Documents are organized according to the category specified here, so, remember to choose the appropriate category.

Employer Document - Category

Upload the file

Employer Document File

If you make the file visible to employees, they will be able to access it over the ESS Portal.

Visible to Employees

Similarly, you can add any type of file to HR Documents. But we recommend using Browser friendly files.

 HR Documents

Now, let me show you how the employees can access the file over the ESS Portal.

HR Documents
ESS - HR Documents

You can publish multiple files on the ESS Portal and they are organized according to the category. Employees can access the documents over ESS Portal any time and from any where.

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