The Employee Document Management System allows you to store multiple files against each employee. This feature allows you to maintain files like Employee’s family photo, relieving letter from the previous company, copy of certificates, passport and so on. The files could be in different digital formats like excel, pdf, images, videos and so on.

This help document describes how you can maintain multiple files against your employees.

First, let me update the Document Management System with a family photo from one of my employees.

Step 1: Go to Employee – Documents and choose the employee

Choose Employee

Step 2: Click ‘+’ to add a new document

Add a new document

Step 3: Provide a Title and Description

Title and Description

Step 4: Choose the file to be uploaded

Choose file to upload

Step 5: Choose whether you want the file to be visible to the employee

If you make the file visible to the employee, he will be able to access it over the ESS.

Visible to employees

Step 6: Save the record

Save Changes

To open the file from AttendHRM, just click ‘Open’.

Open document

To save it as a local file, use the ‘Save As’ option.

Save as

Now, let me show you how the employee can access the file over the ESS module.

My Documents
View Documents
Open Photo
Open Photo

Similarly, you can add any type of file to the Document Management System.

Open employee profile
Employee Profile

If you want to upload multiple documents against one or more employees, use the ‘Bulk Document Uploader’.

Bulk Upload
Documents Folder

Also, if allowed, the employee can upload his own documents over the ESS.

My Documents
Documents Folder
Upload Passport
Upload alex passport
Document is uploaded

The files are kept in the database. So, you are sharing the files with your fellow users who has access to the employees.