The Door Opener is a small piece of software that allows you to open the door sitting at your PC or laptop. With internet, you can open the door even when you are far away.


One or more doors controlled by access control systems from ZK Software.


Click here to download the software.


Step 1: Run the setup file to install the software.
Step 2: Check your task bar to see a new icon called ‘Door Switch’
Step 3: Right click on the button and then click on ‘Configure’.
Step 4: Add a new door by putting in the Name of the door, and the IP Address of the device. The port number is 4370 by default.
Step 5: Add other doors the same way.
Step 6: To open a door, right click on the task bar icon ‘Door Switch’, then select the door.

Configuring the software

The video shows you the process of setting up devices with the software.