Day off is a day in a week where employees are allowed to rest. Employees need sufficient rest depending on the work they do. Usually companies allow employees to rest for 1 or 2 days in a week, these days are called Day Off(Weekly Off).

Most of the companies have day offs during the weekend. But, some companies have factories which never stop working. In such cases, different groups of employees are assigned to different Day offs; some have day off on Mondays, some others have day off on Tuesdays and so on.

Day off for groups of employees

In AttendHRM it’s easy to assign day offs(Weekly Offs) for a group of employees. Just pick a location or department and specify the day offs.

Day off

Day off for individual employees

In case you want to assign different day offs for employees, the Shift Planner allows that as well.

Day off

Shift Detect with Day Offs

If you have many shifts and it’s flexible for your employees to choose their shifts, AttendHRM has a feature called Shift Detect which allows you to specify the day offs for each employee and the system will automatically identify the shifts they report to

Day off Shift Detect

Work on Day Offs

Depending on the company’s policy, work on day offs can be converted to Compensatory Off Days or can be paid as overtime.

Day off