AttendHRM allows you to store data under custom fields defined by the users. And, with Report Builder user can create reports out of these custom fields. This help document describes how you can create a custom field and generate reports for the field with Report Builder.

In my company, employees are supplied by different contractors. So, I need to keep the contractors name with each employee. And then, I also need to generate lists of employees with contractor names. Let’s implement this with Custom Fields and Report Builder.

Step 1: Create a custom field

Let me create a new custom field called ‘Contractor’ which will hold the Contractor’s name.

Custom fields
Add record
Field name

Now, let me specify the Contractor Names.

Add item
Save item
Show items

Step 2: Input Contractor names against employees

You can specify the Contractor against each employee with the custom field just created.

Select Employee
Custom fields tab
Select contractor
Save contractor

Step 3: Import Contractor Names from an excel sheet

Now, let me show you how to import Contractor data from an excel sheet.

Import file
Employee Import
Fill contactor
Save import file
Default import
Default import
Select field
Match fields
Import Status

The data has been imported. Let’s take a look.

Data Imported

Step 4: Create a Report Builder Report for the custom field

Now, I’m going to create a Report Builder Report which shows a list of employees ordered by Contractor Name.

Report Builder Menu
Create new report
Report details

The Report Builder report is now ready!

Report builder report

Let me export it to excel.

Report builder report

The Report Builder along with Custom Fields allows you to store custom data and generate meaningful user-defined reports.