Salary Period is a period for which salary is processed. Duration of the period could be a month, a week or any number of days.

This video shows how to create a Salary Period.

Creating a new Salary Period is easy!

 Create Salary Group

Specify a name, start and end dates for the period

Add Salary Heads to Salary Group

The new Salary Period just created, is active. You can now process salary for the period.

Only one salary period can be active at a time. You have to close the current Salary Period before you create a new one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can. But, you should enable this option under Salary Settings, before you create Salary Periods.

When you delete a Salary Period, all the payslips and reports for the period will be deleted.

No. Only one Salary Period can be open at a time.

No, the Salary Periods cannot overlap.