Document Builder is the fast and easy way to make Employee Documents! This help document describes how you can create employee documents like Appointment Letters, Experience Certificates, Employment Contracts instantly!

Document Builder uses the mail merge feature in Microsoft Word, so it’s necessary to have Microsoft Word installed.

My company has 10 new joinees today. Let me show you how to make Employment Contract Documents for all of them in less than a minute.

Step 1: Open up Document Builder, and choose the template. You can also create your own templates

Document Builder Menu
Document Template

Step 2: Click ‘Create Documents’

Create Documents

Step 3: Pick Employees

Pick Employees
New Joinees Today
Selected Employees

Step 4: Proceed to build the Employment Contracts

Build Employment Contracts
Build Documents

That’s it! The Employment Contracts are ready for printing.

Document in Word

Alternatively, you can create documents in PDF format.


You can also create one file for each employee by choosing the option ‘Create one file for each employee’

One file for each employee
Output Folder
PDF files
Employment Contract PDF

You can also create the Employment Contracts and email them to employees. Or you can upload the Employment Contracts to ‘My Documents’ section of the Employee Self Service for employees to access over ESS.

Document Builder makes it extremely easy to make employee documents like Employment Contract. With Document Builder, a lot of data from AttendHRM can be brought in to your documents to make information rich documents in your own custom formats.