Salary Card values of employees can be directly updated by copying the salary master values.

Copy Salary Master values to Salary Card

  • In Salary -> Salary Card, the icon on the right side bottom corner is the one for copying salary master values to salary card for employees in bulk. Wizard pops up as you click on the icon as shown in the video.
  • Wizard lists the available locations, select the locations of employees for who the salary master values has to be copied to salary card values. Proceed next and choose the departments of corresponding
  • In the field ‘File Name’, specify the location and file to be imported. Check mark ‘Has Header’ if you have specified the header for each column in the excel csv file you are about to import. Separator by default will be selected as ‘coma’ and you can proceed next.
  • The fields in the file we are importing will be listed on one side and the salary heads in software on the other side. You can map the fields on file to the corresponding salary heads in the software. Proceed by clicking next.
  • Lastly, it displays the status of import specifying the count of successful entries and failed import attempts with reason. You can click finish if all entries have been successfully entered.

'Append' Option

‘Day Program Import’ wizard has an option called ‘Append’. If this option is enabled in the wizard during the import process then the software will append a day program with another if such a scenario is mentioned in the file you are importing.