You should close a Salary Period before you can open a new one. Only one Salary period can be open at a time. Closing the Salary periods ensures that the data in the period is kept intact from accidental changes.

When salary is processed for all employees, and payslips are verified, it’s time to close the Salary Period.

 Create Salary Group
 Create Salary Group

The payslips are visible to employees on Employee Self Service only when the Salary Period is closed.

 Create Salary Group

Step 1: Close the active Salary Period

Run through the wizard to close the active Salary Period.

Add Salary Heads to Salary Group

Step 2: Reopen the last Salary Period

Once the Salary Period is closed, you won’t be able to make changes to the payslips in the period. If you want to make changes to the payslips, you can reopen the last Salary Period. Use the same wizard to reopen the last Salary Period.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is determined by the option you choose under the Salary Settings. We recommend verifying at least a few payslips from each Salary Group.

When you have processed Salary for all your employees, it’s time to Close the Salary Period. Payslips will be visible to employees over ESS(Employee Self Service) only after you close the Salary Period. Closing the period ensures that the data is kept safe from accidental changes.

You should re-open a Closed Salary Period before you can make changes to it. After the changes are done, you should close the Salary Period again.

No, you are allowed to re-open only the most recently closed Salary Period.