The video describes how you can schedule automated backups of AttendHRM Database.

I’m going to show you how to create an automated daily backup with the Task Scheduler. Let’s create a scheduled task.

Step 1: Choose the task called ‘Database Backup’

Automated Data Backup

Step 2: Specify a recurrence pattern

Data Backup - Recurrence

Step 3: Provide a filename and path to store the backup files

It’s recommended to backup the files to a network drive, rather than storing on the same disk.

Automated Data Backup File

Step 4: Click ‘Finish’ to create the scheduled task

Data Backup - Finish

The system will create the backup file every day at the time specified. It’s recommended to make multiple backups a day. The backups allows you to retrieve data in the event of a system failure, and it is highly recommended.

Data Backup