Attendance ‘Reimport Data’ refreshes the attendance of employees in the software from the date and time chosen by the user. Attendance is updated in AttendHRM through the punches dropped by the employees in the time attendance devices or through online punching via employee self service or via excel import. It automatically updates the attendance of employees in the software in reference to the various attendance policies predefined by the user in AttendHRM. In case of any amendments in the attendance policies, reimport the attendance of employees so as to reflect the change of policies in the employee attendance.

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Re-importing attendance data to affect attendance according to the change in roster

The video above explains a sample case where the reimport functionality under the attendance module can be used. It shows the attendance screen of an employee at first in which his work plan starts at 08:00am on weekdays. You can see the late-in and overtime entries are marked in the attendance screen. We can note from here that the employee reaches for work only around 10:00am in the morning and leaves late after work around 07:00pm. In real case, this could be a scenario where the roster of employee was changed in real practice by the management but it wasn’t updated in the software yet. The video further shows the user updating the roster of employee from the existing, 08:00am – 05:00pm to the new one, 10:00am – 07:00pm. ‘Reimport Data’ is done in the roster after the changes are done for it to take effect in the attendance screen. This process basically clears the updated screen of attendance, then redraws the attendance of employee and while doing it, the present rules of attendance are taken into consideration. In the case explained above, attendance of employee was drawn at first considering the plan that already existed i.e. 08:00am to 05:00pm therefore the late-in entries and overtime entries were marked. Later, when the roster was changed to 10:00am to 07:00pm, the late-in and overtime entries were removed as the attendance was reimported this time in reference to the new roster.

  • ‘Reimport Data’ under the attendance module opens the wizard. Choose the date and time since which the attendance must be reworked in the software. Move next.
  • Employees list is displayed. You can filter a few employees or select all employees and click next.
  • A screen to filter the employees individually is shown where you can drop the employees from right to left side, who you want to be excluded from reimport data process. Next is the final screen of review where the employees for who the reimport will be done. Click on Finish for the reimport to happen. Check attendance screen once the reimport is finished to confirm the changes have been affected in the attendance of the employee.

Clear manual changes to attendance (Recommended)

AttendHRM allows the user to update the attendance of employees by manually dragging in the attendance screen. Manual changes done in the attendance screen of an employee can be cleared by checking this option. Clear manual punches option is available in the first screen of reimport wizard. Check mark the same and the manual changes done in the software will be removed while importing attendance. This option however won’t delete the leave entries those have been manually defined in the attendance screen of any employee.

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