Report Builder

Make your own Reports

What is Report Builder?

Report Builder is a module that helps you build your own reports. AttendHRM includes many pre-defined reports, but Report Builder is the tool to use when you want to make your own user-defined Reports. Select your tables, select the required fields, set the order of fields, set the sorting order, define your criteria, and name your report. That’s it. You have just created a new report which you can use forever.

  • Create your own Reports
  • Share reports with other users
  • Approved-Leave-Report
  • Device-Registration-Details-Report
  • Yearly-Attendance-Report
  • Monthly-Attendance-Summary-Report
  • Monthly-Late-In-Report
  • Monthly-Attendance-Report
  • Work-Time-and-Overtime-Report

Amazing Feature: Get It Before Anyone Else!

Report Builder is a module that helps you build your own reports.

Report Builder with Task Scheduler

Report Builder builds reports. Task Scheduler schedules tasks that run at defined intervals. Together, they are really powerful. You can create a report with Report Builder and use Task Scheduler to create that report and email it to you at pre-defined intervals.

  • Create a late comers report with only those employees who are late for more than one hour.
  • Schedule the report to be emailed to you every day at 5PM

Report Builder