Project Description

The video shows you an overview of the Attendance Regularization process in AttendHRM – Employee Self Service. Attendance Regularization allows employees to correct their own attendance.


Attendance Regularization – FAQs


1. When should I raise a Regularization request?

When you work away from your office, you will not be able to make punches with Time Attendance Devices. In such cases, you can raise a regularization request to correct your attendance. For eg. You were working from home, so you couldn’t punch on the Time Attendance Devices. By default, AttendHRM assumes that you are absent, and you will receive an absence alert by email. Then you can raise a Regularization request and once your manager approves it, your attendance will be updated. In general, you should make an Attendance Regularization request whenever you want to correct your attendance.


2. Can I raise a Regularization request when I have missing punches?

Yes. If you are punching only two times  a day, and you forget to make one of those punches, AttendHRM will send you a Missing Punch alert. In this case, you will have to raise a regularization request to correct your attendance.


3. Can I cancel a Regularization request?

Yes, if the request is not already approved, you can cancel it. If it’s approved, you should raise a cancellation request to get it cancelled. On approval of the cancellation request, the regularization request will be cancelled.