AttendHRM Enterprise LAN Client Installation and Setup

Step 1

AttendHRM Enterprise LAN Client Installation

  • Download the AttendHRM base version setup file.
  • Run the setup file to install AttendHRM.
  • In the setup installation wizard, you must choose the application type as ‘Client’ for installing the Enterprise LAN client. Refer the screenshot.
  • Proceed next until the installation is complete. AttendHRM will be installed and an icon to access will be placed on the desktop

AttendHRM Enterprise LAN Client Setup: Connection to Database

  • Right click the AttendHRM icon in the desktop. Click to open the file location.
  • Open ‘Connection Manager’ in the ‘….\Attend HRM\Bin‘ folder.
  • Specify the path where database is located. Syntax is Ip address of the system in which DB is placed, followed by a colon (:) and then the exact path.
  • Click ‘Test Connection’ to ensure the connection is success.
Step 2

Firewall Settings to allow Firebird port 3050

Firebird server listens on port 3050 for connection requests from clients.
Firebird uses port 3050 unless setup differently and the AttendHRM Enterprise clients use this port to communicate with the master database. Windows firewall settings must be so configured in the server system that it must not block the connections from client systems through the port 3050. Inbound rules for port 3050 can be defined under the Windows firewall advanced settings. It will authenticate the connections through the firebird port 3050.

What Next?

The steps above should get you started with AttendHRM. Now, choose the topics below to proceed further!

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