HR Software – Features

On-premise or Cloud?


Appropriate for small to medium sized companies
with a single user.

Can be upgraded to
HRMS On-premise Enterprise or HRMS Cloud.



Appropriate for medium to large companies
with multiple users.

Includes Employee Self Service
and HR MIS.


Appropriate for small to large companies
with single or multiple users.

Includes Employee Self Service
and HR MIS.

With attendance, Leave, Holiday, Shift & Overtime data in ONE interface

Attendance Software

The Attendance Software gives you an excellent interface with data from different modules for each employee. The Leave module brings in Approved Leave and Holiday data. The Roster module brings in the daily work plans. The data coming from Device module is processed with reference to the Company Policy to make it meaningful to users. The Employee Self Service module brings in attendance corrections requested by the employees. The Attendance Summary is directly integrated with Payroll for processing without manual intervention.

Supports Rotating, Overlapping, Over-night Shifts with Shift Detect

Attendance Software

Do you have complicated Shift Plans with rotating, overlapping, and over-night shifts? Do you want the software to recognize the shift the employee is working on? Do you want to know how many employees have turned up for the shift that just started? AttendHRM can help you with all these! Shift Planner allows you to define shift plans for a location, a department or even an employee. Shift Detect recognizes the shifts each employee is working on. HR MIS provides excellent reports to monitor your shifts.

A few devices compatible with the Attendance Software

Capture attendance data from Time Attendance machines

Time Attendance Device

The Attendance Software summarizes data from your time attendance devices in format appropriate for your payroll system. This integration with payroll is fully automated and requires no manual intervention. The software automatically generates payslips from clock in, clock out data received from your employees.

A Web Portal for Employees to record Time and Attendance, check work plans, request leaves & holidays, view payslips and much more!


Critical information in real-time for the Top Management

Provides a high level overview and allows drill down to the lowest level of detail

Payroll in Management Information System

An Automated System to manage your workforce

AttendHRM is compatible with a wide range of Biometric Time Attendance and Access Control Devices. Face Recognition, Fingerprint, or Proximity devices can communicate with AttendHRM in real-time. The data from all your devices are processed to generate meaningful information vital to your organization. Just connect all your devices and the rest is fully automated.


HR Software

Designed for Small to Large Organizations

Global HR Software

Now serving customers from more than 30 countries

Global Overtime Management Software

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AttendHRM serves every user to the best of their needs, ensuring hundred percent customer satisfaction.

“The Best Solution for employee monitoring”

“I travel very often. But your attendance software keeps me up to date with real time attendance information from different locations. You have the best solution for employee monitoring.” – Sajeer Nalakath, Administrator, Masafi

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