HR, Payroll, Attendance Software for Cape Verde

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    Payslip for Cape Verde

    Payslip with Social Security Number and Income Tax

    Payslip for Cape Verde

    Payslip can be created weekly, fortnightly or monthly for different groups of employees. The payslip includes Social Security, Income Tax, Overtime Pay and it is completely customizable. The payslip can also show leave balances, loan balances, salary advances and much more. The payslips can be send over email or employees can access the payslips over the Employee Self Service Portal. No manual intervention is required to prepare these payslips.

    Social Security and Income Tax

    Automated calculation of Statutory deductions

    Social Security and Income Tax

    Software automatically processes all statutory deductions including Social Security and Income Tax to fully automate the payroll processing. Process payroll for thousands of employees and prepare all required statutory forms in almost no time.

    Fully Automated Attendance with Time Attendance Devices

    Attendance Software - ZKTECO Device
    Face Recognition Device for Tanzania
    Fingerprint Device Tanzania

    Even when you have multiple locations or factories, Time Attendance Devices can be used to collect accurate attendance data from all the locations. The data collected from Time Attendance Devices are automatically analyzed to generate real-time Attendance reports and alerts. The attendance data is also integrated with payroll, which allows fully automated processing of payroll with overtime, attendance bonus and so on.

    Fully Automated HR, Payroll, Attendance Software for Cape Verde!

    Attendance to Payslip with No Manual Intervention

    Attendance Software
    Payroll software

    Define your attendance, payroll rules upfront, and the software will automatically process attendance data to prepare payslips for all your employees. This process is fully automated and takes very little time. This enables your HR team to pay out salaries in less than one day. The system also takes care of statutory requirements like Income Tax, Social Security and so on.

    Shift wise Employee Availability

    Ensure you have adequate resources for each shift

    Shift wise Employee Resources
    Employee Count

    Shift wise Employee Availability Report shows how many employees are available in a particular shift; also shows the designation wise count of employees. This enables Operation Managers to make shift wise resource planning. Shift wise strength reports are generated right after shift start to ensure that enough resources available for the shift to continue.


    For accurate attendance data

    A turnstile also called a baffle gate is a mechanical gate consisting of revolving horizontal arms fixed to a vertical post, allowing only one person at a time to pass through. Turnstiles can be connected to biometric or RFID devices to make it a fully automated access control system, allowing employees to identify themselves with face, palm, fingerprint or proximity cards. Turnstiles ensures that attendance data is accurate enough to perform a fully automated payroll processing.

    Tripod Turnstile

    Continuous Late In

    Track late comers

    Track Late Comers

    Factories usually have machines that doesn’t stop working, so, if an employee is late to report to work, it means another employee has to work overtime to ensure that the production is not affected. Hence, eliminating lateness is very critical to manufacturing companies. The software enables management to monitor lateness patterns and also enables department heads to track and control the lateness in their own departments.

    Fully Automated HR, Payroll, Attendance Software for Cape Verde!

    Salary Comparison

    Know where you are spending

    Salary Comparison

    Compare salaries with another period to ensure accuracy and to know where you are spending. Salary comparison reports give you a Salary Head wise comparison for an employee for two different pay periods to ensure at most accuracy of salary data. Salary comparison reports also lists out differences between two pay periods and it helps users to make an easy reconciliation of accounts.

    Automated Overtime Calculation

    Fully automated; no manual intervention from punches to payroll

    Overtime Calculation

    Define your overtime rules for each group of employees, and the software will automatically process overtime wages every pay period. Just ensure employees are clocking in and out properly and overtime calculation can be fully automated.

    Employee Self Service

    A Web Portal for Employees to record Time and Attendance, check work plans, request leaves & holidays, view payslips and much more!

    As an Employee

    • Clock In or Out with GPS Location
    • Request for Leave, Holiday or Vacation
    • View Attendance data that goes into Payroll
    • View Attendance on a Graphical Interface
    • View real-time Clock In Clock Out data
    • Request to correct Attendance Data
    • Check Work Schedule and Shift times
    • Share documents with HR
    • View Company Policy Documents
    • View or print Payslips for all time
    • Submit Income Tax Declarations
    • Verify Income Tax Calculation
    • Participate in Performance Appraisal
    • Request Documents like ‘Experience Certificate’

    As a Manager

    • View Subordinate Attendance
    • Modify Subordinate Work Plans
    • View Subordinate Leave Calendar
    • View Subordinate Profiles
    • View real-time Clock In Clock Out data
    • Approve Subordinate Leave/Holiday/Vacation Requests
    • View details of Multi-level Subordinates
    • Approve Attendance Corrections proposed by Subordinates
    • View Subordinate Travel Route Map
    • Subordinate Birthday/Anniversary Notifications
    • Instant Approval of Employee Requests with Mobile App
    • Get rid of Paper based Approvals
    • View real-time availability of Subordinates
    • View Management Information System Reports

    Critical information in real-time for the Top Management

    HR Analytic Report
    Report for Top Management

    Fully Automated HR, Payroll, Attendance Software for Cape Verde!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    My company is paying some employees in US Dollars and other employees are paid in Cape Verdean Escudos. Can this software handle this?

    Yes. AttendHRM supports multiple currencies. You can pay some employees in USD and others in CVE.

    I’m managing more than 1000 labours, and we have night shifts. How do I ensure that they are clocking in/out properly?

    When you have lots of employees it’s mandatory to have proper clock in/out data for fully automated payroll processing. It is recommended to use Full height turnstiles to ensure that your employees are clocking properly.

    My payroll period is the calendar month. The payroll period start on 1st of the month and ends on the last day of the month. Is it possible to pay out salaries on the 1st of next month?

    The software generates payroll at a speed of about 1 second per employee. All your attendance and payroll rules and be defined in the software upfront. So, it’s quite possible to process salary in 1 day, but we recommend to have three days for manual verification and sign offs.