Access Windows/Linux/UNIX Applications from Anywhere

Yes, that’s right from ANYWHERE! GO-Global is the fast and secure cloud application It delivers Windows, UNIX and Linux applications across the network for access by remote clients and mobile devices.

What is Go-Global?

GO-Global is the fast and secure application access and Web-enabling solution that makes it easy and cost-effective to extend the reach of your existing Windows, UNIX, and Linux applications to your company’s network or the Web. Your applications run on a secure central computer (the Host), making them available to local, remote and mobile devices (the Clients) running just about any platform and operating system, including iPad, iPhone, and Android. The host-resident applications appear on the client devices just as though they were running locally.

  • With High-performance RXP protocol, GO-Global provides fast, efficient access, even over high-latency connections
  • Plug-and-play solution leverage your investment in Windows/Linux/Unix applications while significantly lowering your TCO(Total Cost of Ownership).

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Incredible Features: The Proof Is In The Pudding

GO-Global is the fast and secure cloud application delivery and Web-enabling solution that makes it easy and cost-effective to extend the reach of your existing Windows, UNIX, and Linux applications to your company’s network or the Web.

Windows Application from Anywhere

Windows Application from Anywhere

GO-Global Windows Host delivers Windows applications to local and remote users. It eliminates the time and expense normally needed to rewrite existing Windows applications for the Web. And it’s much easier to deploy and use than complex alternatives such as Citrix XenApp or limited solutions such as Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Remote Access to UNIX/Linux Apps

Remote Access to UNIX/Linux Apps

GO-Global for UNIX delivers UNIX and Linux applications to local or remote devices without the need for cumbersome, client-side X servers. Thanks to our advanced architecture, your application’s interface is instantly delivered across the network and displayed on the remote devices — with unmatched speed, performance and security.

Create an Enterprise-level Private Cloud!

Create an Enterprise-level Private Cloud!

GO-Global Cloud Server provides a secure, high-availability gateway to GO-Global Hosts. Easy way for your company to create a large-scale, secure, private cloud environment that centralizes your Windows, UNIX and Linux applications. GO-Global Cloud provides powerful enterprise-level authentication, access control, load balancing, and more.

Go-Global Gateway

Go-Global Gateway

GO-Global Gateway gives administrators extensive control over user rights and privileges, allowing them to monitor and manage clusters of GO-Global for Windows Hosts. Users can access and share applications, files, and documents via simple hyper links. Go-Global allows developers to integrate Windows applications into Web-based enterprise.

GO-Global iOS Client

GO-Global iOS Client

View and interact with your favorite Windows applications right from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch using just your fingers. GO-Global iOS Client app uses intuitive multi-touch gestures to achieve popular mouse and keyboard operations. Features include auto-zoom, auto-resize, voice-to-text input, plus iPhone and iPad 3 screen display optimization.

GO-Global Android Client

GO-Global Android Client

GO-Global Android Client lets you interact with Windows programs right from your Android-powered tablet. It provides excellent performance and an increased level of usability on Android’s touch-screen.evolution Slider, Elastic Slider and FlexSlider2! Connect to our online demonstration server to interact with popular Windows programs.

USB & Com Port Solutions

Go-Global allows users to share virtual USB and communication devices between many users over the network. Various tasks performed in Windows and Linux/Unix apps can be downloaded or transferred to USB or can even be accessed through various communication features. Hence it adds to the mobility of users’ workspace.


AppsOnDemand is an online user-interface that provides customers with the software they need, when they need it, on a subscription basis. Defining the delivery of “Software-as-a-service”. Hence it comfort employees and relieves them from tasks of manual updating the Server/Client Device frequently.

Auto-Zoom Feature

GO-Global iOS and Android Clients make use of intuitive multi-touch gestures to achieve popular mouse and keyboard operations. Both clients incorporate Auto-Zoom, a valuable feature for different screen sizes and touch screens. Auto-Zoom detects the section of the screen currently active in the application and automatically zooms.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Instant access to Windows applications from any device

  • Publishes one or more Windows applications, not the entire desktop

  • Run multiple versions of the same application side-by-side

  • Access local & remote resources such as disk drives, printers etc

  • Simultaneous access to multiple users with individual permissions

  • Start with one user and add users later on

  • No need for any other Web solution when using Go-Global

  • Applications look & operate the same as when locally run

  • You can control the applications that specific users can access

  • Less expensive than MS Windows Terminal Services® (WTS)

  • Runs from the Server, software need not be installed on client

  • Users can access local disk files and printers as a remote user

  • Protects data with secured encryption

  • Go-Global 30 Days Demo trial version available

  • Supports multiple client OS(Linux, Unix, Mac) from the same Server

  • Eliminates the higher complexity of Citrix support.

  • High performance over low bandwidth

  • Installs in minutes and requires minimal support

“This is the Best Solution for Remote access and Web-enabling”

We found GO-Global to be the best solution for remote access and enabling our software to run on other platforms such as Mac OS X.”

Dr. Alec James
Managing Director
Archetype Software

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