Getting Started with AttendHRM

Thank you for downloading AttendHRM Lite. Please follow the steps below to get started!

Step 1

Installing AttendHRM

  • If you haven’t already downloaded AttendHRM, download now!
  • Run the setup file to install AttendHRM.


  • The default user name is ‘admin’
  • No password is required
  • It’s recommended to change the password on the first login
Step 2
Step 3

Add the Employer

  • Go to Module ‘Employer’ using the main menu
  • Pick screen ‘Employer’
  • Click ‘+’ to create an Employer

Add Employees

Step 4
Step 5

AttendHRM Screens

What Next?

The steps above should get you started with AttendHRM. Now, choose the topics below to proceed further!

Do you want to upgrade?

AttendHRM Enterprise upgrades you to many more exciting features. A few are listed below.