• Manage all employee  informations.
  • Manage employee documents.
  • Can group the employees.
  • Employee Hierarchy.
  • Handles passport and visa details of employees
  • Manages company documents
  • Send email and sms to employees and managers
  • Import employee information.
  • Reports

Employee :  Here you can capture employee personal and professional details. Attend  HRM  holds comprehensive information on each and every employee, their personal details, their contact details and every aspect of their history with your company, all of which can be reported on with ease. Record employee’s personal details (multiple addresses, dependents, photograph, passport, visa, prior job history,  etc.). Photographs  tab are used to attach  picture of the employee that aids the personnel department in visual recognition of the employee.

Employee Group: An Employee Group allows you to group or classify the employees in a logical manner as required. Employee groups allows you to sub-divide them into more manageable ‘sets’, which can be related to departments or locations. Define and use as many sets as you like, and even have them overlapping (employees appearing in more than one).

Employee Hierarchy: This feature allows you to view employee relationships in a graphical mode including their pictures, details and reporting structure. In a hierarchical organization employees are ranked at various levels within the organization, each level is one above the other and defines the nature of their relationship with other employees.

Its helps:

  • Effectively communicate employee information in an organized manner.
  • Leaders, managers, and employees know each other by name, which fosters team spirit.
  • Managers can quickly visualize the organization and have the employee related information needed for decision-making purposes.
  • View employee hierarchy up to 10 levels deep.

Documents: You can add  any number of documents concerning an employee, such as Contracts of Employment, Job Description, Offer Letters, Disciplinary/Grievance documents, signatures, appraisal documents etc. can be linked. etc.  This means they are instantly available at the click of a button from within the personnel record.

Reports: Employee module contains reports like Employee Join Information, Employee Blood Group Report etc.

Email/SMS: Automatic email/ sms  alerts to employees, managers.

Passport/Visa: The expatriate employees Passport and Visa Tracking are one of the core functions in HR Management. Attend HRM  can capture employee and dependents passport information, track passport location, and manages the process of visa request and issuance with imbedded alert system for visa and passport expiration. The cores of this application are to track Passport, Visa, Labour card details of the employees and their dependents.

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