Framework Lite Professional Enterprise Cloud
Supports Multiple Languages (English, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, and more…)
Embedded Database
Remote Database
Optional Dongle Support for extended security
Allows multiple screens at a time
Works over the internet
Multiple users can work at the same time
Real-time SMS Alerts
Email Alerts
Outlook style interface
Excellent User-friendly GUI
Help Videos
Cross Platform Client Applications
Employer Lite Professional Enterprise Cloud
Supports Multiple Companies
Supports Multiple Locations
Supports Multiple Departments
Employee Lite Professional Enterprise Cloud
Employee List Builder based on different criteria
Employee Photograph Database
Employee Import from another database
Employee Import from Excel/Text file
Employee Document Management
Document Builder
Employee Ratings
Passport/Visa Details
Various Employee Reports
Send SMS or Email messages to selected employees
Employee Self Service
Attendance Lite Professional Enterprise Cloud
 Graphical Attendance Views (Day, Work Week, Week, Month, Year views)
 Automated Overtime Calculation
 Automated Late-In/Early-Out Calculation
 Grace Periods for Work Start/End Times
 Attendance Data Re-processing
 User defined Attendance Types
 Real-time and Editable Attendance
 Overtime Management
 User-defined Leave Types
 Late-In, Early-Out Reports
 Overtime Reports
 Sickness Reports
 Actual & Planned Work time Reports
 Daily/Monthly/Yearly Attendance Reports
 Settings for Customization
 Modification History for attendance data (Who changed what and when?)
Leave Management Lite Professional Enterprise Cloud
 Online Leave Application
 Leave Approval
 Leave Entitlements and Balance
 Leaves integrated with attendance and holiday
Roster Lite Professional Enterprise Cloud
 Employee Scheduling
 User-defined Regular/Shift Day Programs
 Branch/Department/Employee wise work plans
 Overnight Shift Support
 Graphical Work/Shift Planning
 Department wise Shift Planning
 Rotating Shifts
 Holiday Management
Devices Lite Professional Enterprise Cloud
 Support Multiple Attendance Devices
 Support Legacy Attendance Devices
 Support RFID, Biometric Devices
 Copy Fingerprints from one device to another
 Backup/Restore fingerprints in device
 Manual Punching Option
 Real-time Employee Status
 Compatible with any Attendance Device (HID, Virdi, Syris, ZK and much more)
 Door wise raw punch Reports
 Raw Punch, Missing Punch Reports
 Settings for Customization
 Device Communication History
 Real-time SMS Alert on punch
 Device crash alerts by SMS and Email
Payroll Lite Professional Enterprise Cloud
 One click Salary Processing
 User-defined Salary Heads
 User-defined Salary Structure
 User-defined Formulas
 Seamless integration with attendance module
 Professional Tax
 Customizable Pay Slips
 Calculation History for each pay slip
 Statutory Reports (PF, ESI and more)
 Printable Challan Reports
 Bulk email of pay slips to all employees in one click
 Modification History for payroll data (Who changed what and when?)
Income Tax(India) Lite Professional Enterprise Cloud
 One click TDS processing for all employees
 Online submission of investment proposals by employees
 TDS Calculation History for each employee
 Automated and editable projection of future salary for the financial year
Reports Lite Professional Enterprise Cloud
 Report Builder – Make your own reports
 Save, Print, Email options in all reports
 Export reports to excel, word and many other formats
 Customizable Reports
 Company Logo in reports
 Schedule Reports to be emailed
Administration Lite Professional Enterprise Cloud
 Support Multiple Users, User Groups
 Employee Login with Thin Clients
 Database Backup
 User Management
 User Rights Management (Read Write, Read Only, No Access on each screen)
 Application Log