Searching in Google

Google, undoubtedly is the most popular search engine. May be you are using google for a long time, but do you know the advanced searching techniques to get the best results out of google?

It’s never too late. A few search techniques you must know, are below. For ease of understanding, each technique is explained with an example.

1. Jump to the download page of a FREE HR, Payroll, Attendance Software


Use inurl to search for words within the URL.

2. Find intel processors in the range 8000 to 9000


Use operator .. to search for a range.

3. Find power point presentations on ‘Payroll’


Use filetype for a specific type of file.

4. What is the definition of ‘Payroll’


define shows definitions for a word or phrase.

5. What is the current time at Bangalore?


time shows the current time in a particular city.

6. What is the square root of 10?


sqrt shows square root of a number.

7. Find the sum of 3 and 5 with google


You can use google as a calculator.

8. Show weather info for both storm and its synonyms: hurricane, blizzard, etc


Operator ~ searches for synonyms of the given word.

9. Search for FREE softwares only


Operator + forces google to include a word.

10. Search for software which are not FREE


Operator  forces google to exclude a word.

11. Show all web pages with the word ‘video’ in web page title 


allintitle forces google to search in web page titles.

12. Search for ‘albums’ without returning adult sites


safesearch excludes adult web sites.

13. Find websites that link to lenvica’s website


link lists websites linking to a particular website.

14. Find information about lenvica’s website


info shows information about a particular website.

15. Show websites related to Lenvica’s website


info shows websites related to a particular website.

16. Convert 15 USD to euroes


You can use google for currency conversions.

17. Convert 5 Kg to pounds


You can use google for unit conversions.

18. Capital of India?


Google answers straight forward questions.

19. Population of India


Google answers straight forward questions.

20. Show all information about ‘payroll’ in Lenvica’s Website


Use site to search within a particular website.